Residents who are in a Basic Room are eligible to apply for a Rate Reduction.

Changes this year: Automated Income Verification
The Ministry has implemented an Automated Income Verification system that works with CRA to confirm income. This means that you can leave Part B of the "Resident with NOA" form blank, as this will be prepopulated. Should you wish to use the Automated System, please complete the CRA Consent Form and send it along with your application form. You can cancel this consent at any time use the Withdrawal Form, however you will then need to provide us with a copy of your Notice of Assessment (NOA).

Which form do I need?

If you have had your taxes done for 2017 - please complete the RESIDENT WITH NOA application. This is the application form that will apply to most residents.

If you receive ODSP - please complete the RESIDENT RECEIVING ODSP application. You will also need to provide a copy of a recent ODSP statement.

If your government benefits have changed in the last year - please complete the TRANSITIONING TO NEW GOV'T BENEFITS application.

If you do not have a NOA for the 2017 year - please complete the RESIDENT WITHOUT NOA application.

If you have indicated on any of the above forms that you would like to retain income for a dependent, please fill out the corresponding form (Schedule A: Spouse Dependent, Schedule B: Child Dependent, or Schedule C: Continuation of Deduction).

Should you have questions about which form is needed, or require assistance, please contact CAMA Woodlands.